Sunday, September 28, 2008

Go Bikes Go: Starting Out.

Hello there!

This blog is all about bikes and integrating them into your life. America's culture is all about driving and cars. If one has grown up depending on a car for all local transportation, weaning oneself off the dinosaur-sauce can be difficult. A bike is not just for a relaxing ride or exercise (although these are great fringe benefits). A bike is one's ticket out of traffic jams and high gas prices.

Yes, there are pitfalls: keeping cool enough to wear a suit, dealing with inclement weather, fixing a flat when already running late, and others. The world changes on a bike, however. One sees things speeding motorists will miss. One's town will stop being a series of disconnected locations to which one drives, but an interconnected microcosm of houses, streets, small local businesses, and people.

With this blog, I hope to address the perceived difficulties of riding a bike instead of driving each day. I will also include many other topics which are useful for the daily biker: defensive biking, equipment maintenance, and more. Well, that and fun bike-related items picked up from the internet and around town.

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