Thursday, October 9, 2008

Miles Per Gallon?

I couldn't pass this up. Thank you to for turning me on to this one!

Use your mouse to drag the map around and zoom in and out. Pretty cool. Makes you even happier to ride a bicycle, no?

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Just remember how much you are saving on gas when you buy those bicycle tools and parts!


Palm Beach Bike Tours / Matt said...

My bicycle gets 517 miles per gallon.

A gallon of gas has 31,000 calories of energy, give or take. To figure out how many miles per gallon you get on your bike, first figure out how many calories you are burning on your bike. Then, take that number and divide it into 31,000.

I burn 60 calories a mile when pulling my son in his bike trailer. 31,000 divided by 60 is about 517 miles per gallon. Keep that in mind the next time that your way-too-proud-of-himeself coworker talks about his Toyota Prius.

For more fuzzy math and the relationship between your bike, calories and gasoline check out my dissertation on the subject.

In another couple weeks, it'll be cool enough down here (South Florida) to start biking to work again. This morning, it was only 82 degrees when I left for work at 8:15 am. Once we drop below 80, I can make it the three miles to work without smelling like a dead horse.


S. Johnson said...

I am here in New Orleans, which is hot and humid still. I am originally from Minnesota, which is a whole other ballgame.
It is nice to have a figure to quote for bike MPGs. Plus, food tastes better than gasoline...